Professional resistance tubing with a slastix covering over the tubing.  This "Pro"  tubing set comes with two handles and 1 padded ankle cuff.   You may shorten on the Club E Fit platform base grooves.  Yellow:  Light 15 pounds of resistance  Green:  Medium 20 pounds fo resistance.   Watch this clip on how to set up your Professional resistance :


Six Month Limited Warranty

STROOPS© Six Month Limited Warranty for Slastix Products Intended Solely for Personal Trainer, Sport, or Commercial Uses.

This limited warranty covers defects in manufacture and materials in your new and genuine STROOPS® Slastix™ exercise products purchased through Harkn Technologies LLC (“STROOPS”) or an authorized re-seller. This limited warranty applies to products intended solely for Personal Trainer, Sport, or Commercial Uses.

Professional Club E Fit System

  • Professional Club E Fit System Includes:

    1 - Club E Fit Platform -   24" X 20" X 1/2"

    1 Set of Professional resistance tubing with a Slastix covering over the tubing  - Your choice

         (Yellow = lightest resistance) 

         (Green = medium resistance) 

    1 - 32" E Fit Bar (Quick release for easy storage)

    *Each set includes: 2 handles with attached Slastix tubing & 1 padded ankle cuff with tubing.

    First month of training with Natalie to get you started.