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PROTEINXYM™ (Chocolate) – U.S. Enzymes™ considered five important factors during the research and development of the perfect vegan protein powder: taste, ingredients, impact, absorption and quantity. First, Proteinxym™ had to taste fantastic with a smooth, velvet mouth feel and no after taste using just water. Second, Proteinxym™ had to use “clean” ingredients so we could claim it was non-dairy, non-soy, non-GMO, gluten free and contained nothing artificial. Third, Proteinxym™ had to have minimal impact with only 100 calories per serving, a low glycemic index as well as a low sodium content.* Fourth, Proteinxym™ had to be easy to digest so it didn't leave a heavy, bloated feeling. This was accomplished by adding AstraZyme™, a clinically proven proprietary enzyme blend, that digests 90-96% of the protein within 30-60 minutes and increases the absorption of peptides and amino acids significantly.* Fifth, Proteinxym™ had to offer a full month's supply (31 days) per container. US Enzymes believes it has exceeded all five factors and would like to introduce you to Proteinxym™, the next generation of vegan protein powder and the only one you will ever want to purchase.


This product has no known allergens, is made from 76% organic ingredients, and is NON-GMO, NON-DAIRY, NON-SOY and contains no gluten, fillers, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Low calorie, glycemic and sodium.

*AstraZyme™ is a blend of proteolytic enzymes, trace minerals and extracts
of Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng.

Single Serving of Chocolate PROTEINXYM  is available only through your healthcare practitioner.

Not only is this a great tasting protein powder but it is also:

*  Vegan * Orangic * Non-GMO * Gluten Free * Soy Free *Dairy Free * Hypoallergenic

And has:

*Low Gylcemic Index *No Added Sugar * Low Calorie (100 calories per serving) *Low Soduim

And contains: 

* Enzymes  * Probiotics  * Greens Blend * Berry Blend  * 31 Servings

Why Enxymes?  Enxymes may help improve your health: 

* Strengthens immune system  * Break down fat * Lower cholesterol * Cleanse the colon  * Improve sleep *Slow aging process     *For more information please email: 

Single Serving Chocolate PROTEINXYM

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