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Club E Fit Success 2023
                                     KOOL TV -  Central MN
KXRA Radio Interview
Natalie as Your
                        Keynote Speaker:



ABC Channel 9  AZ

Interview with Natalie 


This is my trifecta team!

Dr. Kristin Lloyd on The DOCTORS' show.   Watch the Doctors' show 2/28/22

Kristin has lost 200 pounds and has kept it off!

Patricia Hill - My Bariatric Kitchen Owner -

Patricia has lost 128 pounds and has kept it off! Patricia will be making a guest appearances on the next season of TOO LARGE on TLC will air 2023 and working with Dr. Proctor.

 30 pounds later and I'm back to rocking my beach body from high school! -Miranda 

Love my E Fit!  Check it out

Miranda From Minnesota

Patricia Hill Kristin Lloyd Natalie Heckert.jpg
miranda Murray 6 months  after starting

Patricia Hill, Dr. Kristin Lloyd, Natalie Heckert 


Alana From Michigan Used the Club E fit to Lose 244 LBS!
Try It!  Love It!

Andre from Colorado loves using the Club E Fit Platform to get shredded for a Body Building competition!

Ardis Hinton.jpg
Ardis Hinton 1.jpg

What are you waiting for? Join the Club E Fit Crew and have fun becoming the best version of yourself!


Club E Fit Show Hosted by

 Julie Moran Award Winning Broadcast Journalist

Tracey contestant on the

Biggest Loser NBC Hit show

© 2021 Club E Fit

This Club E fit Crew Lost 121 Pounds and 47 inches in 10 weeks

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