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Club E Fit Deluxe System

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Deluxe Club E Fit System Includes:

    1 - Club E Fit Platform -   24" X 20" X 1/2"

    2  Sets of  resistance tubing 

    1 Yellow = lightest resistance

    1 Red= medium resistance 

    *Each set includes: 2 hard handles with attached tubing & 1 padded ankle cuff with tubing.

    1 - 32" E Fit Bar  (Quick bar release snap for easy storage)  Both yellow & red resistance tubing with hard handles will fit inside the E Fit Bar.   

    How to set up your bar:

    1 - Draw String CEF Tote Bag

    **Lifetime Warranty on the Club E Fit Platform and 1 month on the bands.

    How to set up your Club E FIt System:

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