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PROTEINXYM  is available only through your healthcare practitioner.

Not only is this a great tasting protein powder but it is also:

*  Vegan * Orangic * Non-GMO * Gluten Free * Soy Free *Dairy Free * Hypoallergenic

And has:

*Low Gylcemic Index *No Added Sugar * Low Calorie (100 calories per serving) *Low Soduim

And contains: 

* Enzymes  * Probiotics  * Greens Blend * Berry Blend  * 31 Servings

Why Enxymes?  Enxymes may help improve your health: 

* Strengthens immune system  * Break down fat * Lower cholesterol * Cleanse the colon  * Improve sleep *Slow aging process     *For more information please email: 


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